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    IST - CAP Small Group Tour (Istanbul - Cappadocia) - Tour
    • İstanbul, İstanbul
    • 5 Nights 6 Days

    IST - CAP Small Group Tour (Istanbul - Cappadocia)

    $ 2,080

    Choose from these dates to join our small group tour with our same highly rated guides: 2024 Small Group Tour Dates 20 March - 25 March 2024 16 April - 21 April 2024 25 April - 30 April 2024 14 May - 19 May 2024 5 June - 10 June 2024 26 August - 31 August 2024 19 September - 24 September 2024 14 October - 19 October 2024     The Best of Turkey: Istanbul, Cappadoci Tour is the ideal travel choice for those who wish to enjoy the main historic sites and major attractions of Turkey in a longer tour but without a lot of bus travel. Instead, we connect the major destination cities by short one hour flights.  We’ll explore Istanbul and it’s ancient structures, from the mosques to the Roman influenced architecture. Immerse yourself in the history of this incredible city as you explore the Grand Bazaar, the Hippodrome and the Basilica Cistern, and the Topkapi Palace with it's Imperial Harem. Next, you'll take a one hour flight to Cappadocia where you'll experience an entirely new region of Turkey and be amazed by breathtaking landscapes. While staying at a luxurious cave hotels at night, you'll explore the lunar like topography and cave mosaics during the day. Sites such as Uchisar Fortress, OrtaHisar, Red Valley, Pasabaglari (Fairy Chimneys), Zelve Open Air Musuem (houses carved in rock, Seljukian Mosque and remains), Esentepe for panoramic view of the Goreme Valley, Goreme Open Air Museum (rock cut churches, frescos, monastery) and Kaymakli Underground City all await!

    Cappadocia Wineries Day Tour - Tour
    • Nevşehir
    • 1 Day

    Cappadocia Wineries Day Tour

    $ 320

    This one day wine exploration will start in Cappadocia get an introduction to wine from local experts as well as your first Turkish wine tastings with our guide. Cappadocia is among the regions that have an important place in grape growing activities in Turkey. Cappadocia is considered an extremely favorable region for the cultivation of quality grapes due to the characteristic of its territory. For this reason, it is not surprising that delicious and high-quality wines come to mind when called Cappadocia. You can find various different grape varietals in Cappadocia. Cappadocia: In the Urgup region, there are beautiful vineyards in an extremely large area. And this region is home to 16 different grape varieties. The first thing comes to mind of the varities of wines, the one preferred most often by tourists visiting the region is white wine obtained from the Emir grape. Emir grape, which produces wine that is very compatible with fish dishes and fresh cheese, gets its name from the fact that it was the special wine of the rulers in the Roman and Hittite periods. This tour is perfect if you are a wine or food aficionado who wants to: Experience a very high value winery tour. Enjoy the agricultural and culinary abundance of Turkey. Learn about Turkey viticulture the fourth largest producer of grapes, while not yet in the top 50 for wine production. Meet the interesting, fun and diverse owners and winemakers of Turkey’s blossoming wine market in their vineyards and wineries, this one day wineries will be perfect to you.