Welcome to our exclusive 8-Day Private Imperial Cities Tour, meticulously crafted and guided by our team of devoted enthusiasts. Get ready for an extraordinary voyage that guarantees an unforgettable adventure, brimming with incredible moments and the splendor of Morocco.

7 Nights 8 Days 15 Apr, 15 Apr, 15 Apr, and more

Day 1: Casablanca
Day 2: Rabat / Fes
Day 3: Fes
Day 4: Meknes / Volubilis
Day 5: Fes / Marrakech
Day 6: Marrakech
Day 7: Marrakech / Casablanca
Day 8: Depart


Day 1: Arrival in Casablanca

Your journey begins at Casablanca's Mohammed V International Airport. Look out for your friendly, English-speaking driver—he'll be more than a guide, ensuring a smooth trip filled with authentic Moroccan experiences.
As you head to your hotel, take in Casablanca's modernity and the elegance of locals' traditional djellabas. If time allows, visit the iconic Hassan II Mosque, where the beauty reflects religious symbolism—ask your guide for insights!


Day 2: Rabat/Fes

Today's journey takes you to Fes, a city steeped in Morocco's rich heritage. Enjoy the scenic drive as you pass through Rabat, where you'll pause for a delightful lunch. Rabat, the beachside capital, offers a refreshing down-to-earth vibe without the usual tourist hustle.
Indulge in authentic Moroccan cuisine at a local eatery in Rabat, savoring the flavors that truly capture the essence of the region. Catch a glimpse of the King's residence or stroll along the palm-lined boulevards—it's the local experiences that truly shine.
Upon entering Fes, you'll pass through the modern New City before arriving at the ancient Medina, established in the 9th century. This medieval marvel, a labyrinth of over 9,000 narrow streets, retains its centuries-old charm. Picture donkeys carrying loads through grand gates, as this city, devoid of cars, invites you into a preserved way of life spanning centuries.


Day 3:  Discovering Fes

Your expert guide will navigate these winding streets with ease. Picture vibrant open-air markets bursting with colorful fruits and veggies. Nearby, a local selects chicken for a tagine dinner—a slice of everyday life you'll witness.
Cats lounge by carts offering fresh mint leaves, tempting you with the allure of sweet mint tea. Pass by a spice shop, akin to a "Berber pharmacy," fragrant with exotic spices and floral perfumes.
Next, visit the weavers—a hidden oasis of looms in an airy courtyard, showcasing a spectrum of soft scarves and blankets. Climbing numerous stairs rewards you with a view of the impressive tanneries, the aroma of rich dye masked by a sprig of mint.
Your guide offers not just historical insights but cultural depth too, revealing hidden beliefs and traditions.
For lunch, indulge at one of our cherished restaurants, known for their tantalizing flavors. Prepare to be amazed by the array of salads you'll taste!
After a fulfilling day, retreat to your comfortable riad or hotel for a well-deserved night's rest.


Day 4: Volubilis/Meknes/Fes

Picture witnessing remnants of the Roman Empire right before your eyes at Volubilis. Tall pillars adorned with storks' nests, worn yet vivid mosaics, and a guide breathing life into these 2,000-year-old ruins, pointing out ancient relics like the olive oil press and original building sites.
Next, catch a glimpse of the revered city of Moulay Idris, known for its white walls and striking green roofs, named after the founder of Fes, a Muslim saint.
For lunch, make a stop at Meknes, an imperial city. Drive around to marvel at the awe-inspiring Bab Mansour gate, an architectural wonder adorned with intricate zelij tiles and ornate engraving. You'll also visit the Royal Stables of Moulay Ismail and ancient granaries—an enriching part of your journey through history.


Day 5: Journey to Marrakech

Today marks the longest drive of the tour, but trust me, it's a scenic route from Fes to Marrakech. Wind through the Middle Atlas Mountains and along the base of the High Atlas Mountains—a refreshing change in landscapes. Ask your driver for tips on Marrakech's must-sees.
Explore Marrakech with a delightful horse and carriage ride—imagine the rhythmic clip-clop as you soak in the city's sights. Arriving at Jma El Fnaa, the bustling heart of Marrakech, promises an energetic experience, especially in the lively evenings.
Food stalls offer an array of delights—fresh juices, dried fruits, and enticing hot meals. Indulge in sampling these treats and perhaps dare to pose with a snake from the snake charmers for a memorable snapshot! Your friends will love the adventure.


Day 6: Unveiling Marrakech's Wonders

Discover why Marrakech captivates travelers worldwide—a city whose allure only grows with each visitor. Your guide will lead you to the magnificent Koutoubia Mosque, a towering marvel reaching skyward, an awe-inspiring sight.
Stroll through the bustling souks within the medina, where lantern-filled stalls cast shimmering specks of colorful light. Amongst silver, brass, spices, and soft fabrics, you'll find yourself spoiled for choice.
Next, explore the Bahia Palace, once home to grand viziers Si Moussa and Bou Ahmed. Its name, "brilliance," echoes in its gardens and opulent salons—a testament to its splendor. Don't miss the Saadian Tombs, a mesmerizing burial site adorned with flawless zellij patterns and extravagant artwork, a beauty to behold.


Day 7: Marrakech/Casablanca

It's your final full day in Morocco, a laid-back one for any last-minute shopping or exploring! Whether it's snagging a lantern, savoring fresh orange juice, or trying your luck at bargaining one more time, make the most of your time.
When you're set, journey with your driver back to Casablanca, where this fantastic adventure began just a week ago.


Day 8: Departure

On your way to the airport, you might feel that tug of missing Morocco and the new friends you've made along the way.
Wishing you a safe journey back, and always remember, Morocco will warmly welcome you back anytime. This country has surely carved a special spot in your heart.


What is included in the tour

  • 8 Days Private Transportation
  • Hand-picked, English speaking driver to escort you
  • 7 Nights – Authentic traditional Moroccan riads
  • Volubilis & Meknes
  • Half Board – 2 meals each day
  • Guided Tours
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Tips for Bag Portage

What is not included in the tour

  • International and domestic airfare

  • Tourist visas (requirements vary per country and per nationality, we will help you prepare

    for this)

  • Additonal services requested at hotels (spa, etc.)

  • Any change to the program that requires extra expense (any departure from the itinerary will be booked by you at your own expense)

  • Additional beverages at meals (non-alcoholic and alcoholic)

  • Tips for guides, drivers & meals


Prices are per person in US$

Travelers 1-2 3-4
3-Star $2,395


4-Star $2,975 $2,545
4/5-Star $4,125 $3,715
5-Star $4,995


* All prices are in US Dollars, per person. Prices based on 2023 tours.
There is an additional 10% fee for tours including the dates between Dec.20 – Jan.5.
For single rooms, a single supplement fee will be applied.

Prices are per person in US$

Travelers 1-2 3-4
3-Star $2,395


4-Star $2,975 $2,545
4/5-Star $4,125 $3,715
5-Star $4,995


* All prices are in US Dollars, per person. Prices based on 2023 tours.
There is an additional 10% fee for tours including the dates between Dec.20 – Jan.5.
For single rooms, a single supplement fee will be applied.