Book Your Safe and Affordable Beach Holiday

Choose below from discount package dates at Deniz Ati Holiday Village on the Aegean, or Etenna Beach Bungalows on the Mediterranean.


A collection of safe, family friendly, affordable Turkey beach holiday packages for those ready to get away now that the lockdown has ended. These properties offer open air dining, individual bungalows with separate A/C, and a number of features that make them especially good choices for relaxed social distancing style vacations. New options will be added, so browse our site when you are ready to book. If another lockdown goes into effect that restricts your ability to travel, you will receive a full refund or rescheduling with no penalty.


If another lockdown goes into effect that restricts your ability to travel, you will receive a full refund or rescheduling with no penalty. 


Tired of Quarantine and Looking for a Safe Holiday?  


Many Expats living in Turkey are unexpectedly stuck inside the country for the summer and looking for a getaway from the big cities of Istanbul or Ankara. But if like us you are wondering - where can I go that is safe right now? When you think of leaving the city you might have questions like 



1. I’m concerned about flying so where do I go and how best to get there?  

2. I don’t want or know how to get the HES code required for flights.  


3.  Where is a place seaside and with a pool - someplace great for kids?   

4. I don’t want to try to figure out what places I see online meet my needs, can someone help?  


5.  I may want to visit some tourist sites since they are primarily outdoors and likely empty, is that possible?  

6.  Where can I go that may have other expats like me?


7.  How can I do this when i’m concerned still about CoVid-19?      


8.  Where is someplace nice, but not too expensive for my family?


Our Recommendations:  


1. DRIVE.  Less health concern, no HES required. 

2. IZMIR beach hotel.  5 hours drive, outdoors, shade.

3. BUNGALOWS - Avoid hotels with shared AC & indoor facilities.   

4. EAT OUTSIDE.   Indoor restaurants increase risk.    

5. PLAY in the SHADE.  Choose outdoor oriented shady hotels.    

6. BOOK ONLINE  - Easy,  specific to your family size, ages, and number of kids & pay with a foreign

 credit card.

7. NO RISK.  Fully refundable cancellation in the event of any lockdowns recurring.   

8. TOUR the SITES.  Archaeological sites are open, outdoors and EMPTY!



Our Solution:  (check back as we plan to add more locations soon)


Book the Deniz Ati hotel in Gumuldur though our site.  


Deniz Ati’s Benefits 

1.  Bungalows in separate buildings can hold most families in one room and all have their own AC units. 

2.  Hotel grounds covered with large pine trees - lots of shade all day on wonderful grassy areas. 

3.  Large pool and beautiful private beach, never crowded.  

4. Open air restaurant - with seating outside under the trees and excellent food.  

5.  Just south of Izmir means its an easy drive from Istanbul and Ankara. 

6.  Extremely reasonable price where families get the best value.  Rates from $60 / night / person Full Board.  

7.  Short stays of 2-3 nights, as well as weeklong package discounts are offered.   

8.  The Tourism board is requiring strict hygiene measures of hotels before they open, which is great, but we feel that selecting locations that are less crowded, keeping you outdoors and away from shared AC indoor spaces are wise choices in this season.