Combine a Bosphorus boat cruise, a Black Sea village tour and a full Turkish meal cooking class in one fantastic day. Meryem invites you to join her and her amazing staff of ladies from the Black Sea to their village to learn some of the secrets of the Turkish kitchen.  Meryem has established her business as a social enterprise to provide meaningful and well paying employment for women in her village. Join them and see what a delight it is to work together to make a great meal. 

Experience the heart of Turkish culture as you learn how to cook authentic Turkish dishes with local women from the Black Sea in their village setting. You'll have a chance to see the sites all the way up the Bosphorus and some time to tour around their Black sea village.  Away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, this tour allows you to enjoy a very insider's moment during the village cooking class combined with a  private tour of the Bosphorus strait.

Turkish cuisine offers a seemingly endless variety of flavors, dishes and recipes to discover making Turkey the ideal 

destination for any foodie. Join local staff as we invite you into our kitchens for a hands-on cooking experience where you will make and enjoy a beautiful and delicious meal. Afiyet olsun! 

Before you begin cooking, feel the fresh sea breeze on a boat trip up the Bosphorus Strait.  

As you glide between Asia and Europe and venture towards the Black Sea, you’ll see the world famous Bosphorous bridge surrounded by colorful steam ferries plying the water between neighboring continents. You’ll disembark near the beautiful ‘Yali’ or waterfront mansions before taking a short drive up the hill to our Black Sea village. 

Now we begin. Local staff will demonstrate recipes and then you will put your culinary skills to work. Collaboration with the village locals as you dice, chop, roll, and prep is a highlight for many of our travelers. 

We’ll work together to prepare a full meal. This may include corba (Turkish soup), bread, salad, various vegetable dishes, meat, and specialty dishes, such as eggplant moussaka (locally known as ‘imam bayildi’ or ‘the priest fainted’). As you cook, you’ll enjoy a variety of Turkish snacks and taste unique local beverages such as chai or ayran.   

Just past noon we will come together to eat what we have made and enjoy a proper, Turkish, family style meal. As we recline after our meal, a dessert plate full of pumpkin, creme, fig, nut or cheese-based desserts is passed around. 

During your time in the village you have the chance to see fresh and delicious Turkish produce and ingredients.  Embrace serendipitous opportunities to explore as we guide you through the village. View the local gardens filled with the fruits or vegetables of the season. Stroll through the food markets and taste local produce. With each step, see a glimpse of what village life is like in Turkiye. 


Finally, in the early afternoon we’ll head back and catch a return ferry down the Bosphorus with still enough time for you to enjoy a late afternoon in Istanbul.

This class runs only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

 The class can be joined as a small group class or you can reserve the class privately for your group. For details see pricing.


8 Hours 31 Jan, 31 Jan, 01 Feb, and more Eminönü 3 Pier / Üsküdar Line Terminal

8:15 AM  Meet your guide at the Eminonu Ferry Port  - Meet at the latest 8:20 AM at the Eminonu #3 Ferry Port:  https://goo.gl/maps/oLTYi7VecFTG3ycp6

8:30 AM Depart by Ferry toward the Black Sea You will use a series of public ferries.

9:45 AM Arrive at the Asian side ferry dock and board a minibus for our village.

10:00 AM10:30 AM Introduction to the Cooking Class

11:00 AM Start Cooking under the direction of our own head chef and guide - both English speakers

11:30 AM Continue working on your Turkish cooking technique - some of our recipes are tricky!

13:00 PM Around this time we'll start eating our 5-course lunch. Hope you're hungry!

14:00  Visit the village, garden, and market based on availability. Depending on the day's flow, you may have more time to roam the village and do some shopping.

15:15 PM Wrap up, say goodbye to new friends, and head to the boat dock.

15:35 PM Depart by private ferry with your guide back to Eminonu.

16:30 PM Disembark in Eminonu with delightful memories, new cooking skills, and lots of recipes to try.


What is included in the tour

- Bosphorus boat tour with our guide to point out key sites both to and from the Black Sea village

- English-speaking guide

- English-speaking head chef with a great team of women to help teach you

- Transfer from the ferry to the village and back (15 mins)

- All food and snacks provided while preparing meals 

- A visit around the village. The details on the visit are subject to change depending on the day, but may include a market visit, a garden visit, or a stop to visit with new friends. We let serendipity lead. 

- A visit to our garden - to either watch, harvest, plant or tend - depending on the season and the crops.

- Hands on instructions for at least 5 dishes. The menu changes but currently includes

-- Ezogelin Corba (Ezogelin soup - one of the most popular soups made from red lentils and spices)

-- Perde Pilav (an impressive rice dish)

-- Gavurdag Salatasi (a common salad especially eaten with Kebap featuring walnuts and tomatoes)

-- Islim Kebap (a unique kebap wrapped in eggplant which looks amazing!)

-- Khadayif (a delicious crispy dessert made from shredded wheat)

-- Bread from the local bakery

-- Homemade yogurt

- Time to enjoy your meal with your group after preparation

- A great time and an unforgettable experience

- Vegetarian menu options are available (please note on booking form)

- Meet at the latest 8:20 AM at the Eminonu #3 Ferry Port:  https://goo.gl/maps/oLTYi7VecFTG3ycp6

What is not included in the tour

-Transportation to/from the meeting point (we meet at the Eminonu - Pier #3 directly across from the Yeni Cami and the Spice Bazaar.

-Tips for the guide, chef and staff.

-Extra like gifts, or handicrafts at the restaurant.

- Gifts or things you'd like to purchase at the village shops.

$165 per person for a small group cooking class (minimum of 2 participants) $80 per child 6-12 years old inclusive. Private classes are available, see pricing for details, and your group will have the class all to yourself. NOTE: Classes run with a minimum of 2 people. If you are 1 person, you can still sign up and we'll let you know when the minimum is reached. - Meet at the latest 8:20 AM at the Eminonu #3 Ferry Port: https://goo.gl/maps/oLTYi7VecFTG3ycp6
- Meet at the latest 8:20 AM at the Eminonu #3 Ferry Port: https://goo.gl/maps/oLTYi7VecFTG3ycp6 Take the Tramway or Taxi to Eminönü Pier 3. Meet the Guide at the Eminönü - Üsküdar Ferry Terminal Entrance. Pictures in the photogallery View on Map