Welcome to our exclusive 11-Day Private Morocco Tour, meticulously crafted and guided by our team of devoted Moroccan enthusiasts. Get ready for an extraordinary voyage that guarantees an unforgettable adventure, brimming with incredible moments and the splendor of Morocco.

10 Nights 11 Days 14 Jun, 14 Jun, 14 Jun, and more

Day 1: Casablanca
Day 2: Rabat / Fes
Day 3: Fes
Day 4: Meknes / Volubilis
Day 5: Middle Atlas / Merzouga
Day 6: Sahara Desert
Day 7: Todra Gorges
Day 8: Ouarzazate / Ait Benhaddou / Marrakech
Day 9: Marrakech
Day 10: Marrakech / Casablanca
Day 11: Depart


Day 1: Arrival in Casablanca

Your adventure begins long before you touch down in this vibrant city. Picture the anticipation as you plan your trip, each detail adding to the excitement. But the true magic unfolds as you step out of the airport and are greeted by your English-speaking driver, soon-to-be not just your guide but a friend on this journey. At Experience It Tours, our drivers are the heart of the experience, offering you a glimpse of the authentic Morocco.
Imagine the moment—the airport doors open, and there they are: palm trees swaying gently against the backdrop of fluttering Moroccan flags.Your driver will whisk you off to your hotel, ensuring your comfort from the very start. If time allows, get ready for a breathtaking visit to Hassan II Mosque, a monumental marvel and a testament to both religion and history. You’ll be left in awe by its sheer grandeur and remarkable architecture.
During your guided tour, delve into the intricate details of the mosque's interior. Positioned right by the ocean, it boasts a section with transparent flooring, offering a mesmerizing view of the Atlantic below. As you step outside, the salty breeze tingles your senses, and there it stands—the exquisite minaret, a perfect photo opportunity capturing the essence of this remarkable place.


Day 2: Rabat/Fes

Wake up to the promise of a day you've eagerly crafted for weeks—a day filled with your personalized itinerary coming to life in Morocco.
Today marks your journey to Fes, with a delightful pause along the way in the captivating coastal city of Rabat. Begin your day with a delectable Moroccan breakfast, energizing you for the road ahead alongside your friendly driver. Rabat, Morocco's capital and the home of King Mohammed VI, offers a regal charm that you'll relish over a delightful lunch before continuing your adventure toward the ancient city of Fes.
As you travel, take this time to unwind, chat with your driver, and discover his favorite aspects of Morocco. Seek recommendations on must-see attractions or hidden gems that will enrich your experience in this beautiful country.
Welcome to Fes, a city close to our hearts for its vibrant people, enchanting markets, and winding streets that invite exploration. And when you're here, indulge in the simple pleasures—like savoring freshly squeezed orange juice from roadside vendors; after all, this is your special journey, and there are no limits to your discoveries!


Day 3: Discovering Fes

Get ready for a day entirely devoted to exploring the enchanting walled city, the bustling medina of Fes! Each corner holds stories waiting to be etched into your memory, tales you'll eagerly share with loved ones.
Imagine the lively scenes: donkeys laden with crates of Coca Cola traversing ancient streets, vibrant spice markets inviting you to explore, and storehouses adorned with an array of hand-woven carpets in a kaleidoscope of colors and designs. Inhale the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread, a sensory journey that accompanies your every step.
As you wander, indulge your senses—touch the smoothness of blue and white pottery, stroll past stalls brimming with fresh fruits, and listen to the soul-stirring call to prayer, a reminder of the city's deep-rooted traditions. This is the authentic Fes, waiting to be discovered, and your guide is eager to share insights, quenching your thirst for knowledge at every stop.

Despite your probable lack of hunger (thanks to your tastings of delightful roadside snacks), your journey into the Medina leads to an exquisite lunch at one of the finest local restaurants. Imagine a tantalizing array of salads, tempting you to taste them all, yet leaving ample room for the main course—whether it's a piping hot tagine or delicately steamed couscous. The fresh khobz bread will keep coming because it's simply irresistible. And just when you think you couldn't possibly indulge in dessert, there it is: seasonal fresh fruits, delightful Moroccan cookies, and sweet mint tea, enticing you to savor every bite.

Your day will also include stops at the intriguing tanneries (brace yourself for the unique smell), a glimpse of the King's Palace, and an encounter with skilled potters. Conclude this memorable day by returning to your hotel, where comfort awaits for a relaxing and fulfilling evening.


Day 4: Volubilis/Meknes/Fes

Prepare to step back in time as you explore the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis—a treasure that's stood the test of 2000 years, offering a remarkable glimpse into life during the Roman Empire. With these well-preserved structures, it won't take much to transport yourself into that bygone era. Your guide's wealth of knowledge will enrich your experience, leaving you truly impressed and making this stop an absolute must-see.
Next, you'll venture into one of Morocco's revered cities—a place of great significance. This picturesque town adorned in white and green is home to the tomb of Mulay Idris, a founding figure of Fes. It's a moment to connect with history and feel the weight of tradition in this sacred place.
After a satisfying lunch, your guide will lead you on a delightful bus tour of Meknes—an imperial city and a UNESCO World Heritage site. As the day winds down, return to the comfort of your hotel or riad for a relaxing dinner and a peaceful evening ahead.


Day 5: Journey to Merzouga

Set off after a hearty breakfast for an unforgettable journey across the Middle Atlas Mountains. Your day will be a picturesque drive through stunning forests, alongside rugged rock formations, and amidst charming Berber villages. As you traverse the Atlas Mountains, preparing to descend into the Sahara Desert, each turn unveils a new vista worth marveling at. And who better than your driver to narrate the stories behind these landscapes? His enthusiasm for his homeland is infectious, painting vivid pictures of the land you're passing through.
This trek is more than just a journey; it's a shared experience. Your driver isn't just guiding the way; he's a companion, ready to cater to your needs. Whether it's recommending the perfect lunch spot along the route or capturing that picture-perfect moment against the backdrop of the majestic Atlas Mountains, he's there to ensure your journey is nothing short of incredible.
Feel the air gradually shift to a drier embrace as you venture closer to the Sahara. Picture the surroundings—a subtle transition where buildings take on a dusty pink hue, and in the distance, the majestic rolling dunes come into view, a prelude to the grandeur awaiting you.


Day 6: Sahara Desert Adventure

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime this afternoon—a thrilling four-wheel drive through the vast Sahara sand dunes awaits you. Pictures don't do justice to the overwhelming reality of this breathtaking landscape, with endless golden-brown dunes stretching as far as the eye can see, creating mesmerizing shadows and gentle ripples.
Feel the soft, cool sand under your feet in the morning as you gaze upon this sea of dunes. As evening approaches, pick your camel for a ride to the Berber tents—an option for your overnight stay.
And at night, imagine lying under a sky filled with more stars than you've ever seen before, making this experience truly magical.


Day 7: Todra Gorges

Start your day with a stunning sunrise atop a lofty dune, soaking in the mesmerizing desert spectacle. Imagine sipping on refreshing orange juice and savoring Moroccan bread in the open air, a delightful breakfast setting before your camel ride back.
Transitioning from camelback to a 4x4, your journey resumes from Erfoud, tracing a path behind the majestic High Atlas Mountains toward the Todra Gorges. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring walk through the towering Todra Gorges, where colossal walls of pink and grey rock envelop you on both sides. The scenic river valleys along the way add a touch of beauty to your southeasterly journey through Morocco.
This leg of your adventure offers a glimpse of rural Morocco, a striking contrast to the vibrant cities you've explored. As evening falls, prepare to spend the night amidst the captivating Gorges or in the charming Ouarzazate—a perfect blend of natural wonders and serene tranquility to conclude your day.


Day 8: Unveiling Marrakech's Wonders

tart your day with an early breakfast and head to Marrakech via Ouarzazate, stopping at the captivating Kasbah Ait Benhaddou—an architectural gem that speaks volumes of southern Moroccan heritage. Here, history intertwines with breathtaking scenery, offering a glimpse of true Moroccan treasures tucked away off the beaten path.
After a fulfilling lunch, journey over the mountains toward Marrakech, a city harmoniously blending its ancient roots with modern progression. Marrakech itself is a compelling reason to visit Morocco, consistently praised in TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice Best Destinations and even securing the top spot in 2015.
A must-see is the vibrant Jma El Fna, Marrakech's bustling main square. Picture the charm of snake charmers, lively evening music, and delectable dried fruits tempting you from the stalls—an experience worth sharing with friends.
Close your eyes and envision the aroma of roasted peanuts mingling with the vibrant energy of Marrakech's nightlife, drawing people out to revel in its spirited atmosphere.


Day 9: Marrakech Exploration

Once you step out of your riad for your guided tour of this Moroccan gem, you'll dive right into the vibrant city life. Marrakech is teeming with attractions, leaving the choice of experiences entirely in your hands.
An incredible stop on your itinerary is the Bahia Palace—a step into the 19th century as you enter its tiled courtyard. Take in the tranquility of the gardens nestled within the bustling city.
Don't miss the Saadian tombs, a mesmerizing site where the royalty of the Saadian dynasty rests. These intricately designed chambers, once forgotten, now stand as one of Marrakech's most renowned attractions.
Picture yourself unwinding with mint tea, observing the charm of everyday life in this captivating city—a moment of relaxation amidst the lively rhythm of Marrakech.


Day 10: Return to Casablanca

Can you believe all this in just 10 days? Back in Casablanca where it all began! Take a stroll, soak up the vibe one last time. And if you haven't already, indulge in some souvenir shopping. Your suitcase might need a recheck—it'll be packed with pottery, vibrant scarves, and spices to recreate those beloved dishes at home.
Savor every moment of your final day!


Day 11: Departure

On your final day, bid farewell to the country that's become a second home. Head to the airport, taking with you priceless memories and the promise of a return to Morocco's embrace.


What is included in the tour

  • 11 Days Private Transportation
  • Hand-picked, English speaking driver to escort you
  • 10 Nights – Authentic traditional Moroccan riads
  • Sahara Excursion – camel, guide & Berber desert tent
  • Half Board – 2 meals each day
  • Guided Tours
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Tips for Bag Portage

What is not included in the tour

  • International and domestic airfare

  • Tourist visas (requirements vary per country and per nationality, we will help you prepare

    for this)

  • Additonal services requested at hotels (spa, etc.)

  • Any change to the program that requires extra expense (any departure from the itinerary will be booked by you at your own expense)

  • Additional beverages at meals (non-alcoholic and alcoholic)

  • Tips for guides, drivers & meals


Prices are per person in US$

Travelers 1-2 3-4
3-Star $3,375


4-Star $3,995 $3,450
4/5-Star $5,165 $4,615
5-Star $6,575


* All prices are in US Dollars, per person. Prices based on 2023 tours.
There is an additional 10% fee for tours including the dates between Dec.20 – Jan.5.
For single rooms, a single supplement fee will be applied.